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Dj Andi

PRENUME: Alexandru Nicolae
NickName: Dj Andi
Status: Practicant

Dj Andi 
His music is listened in clubs by the excited crowds dancing and singing for hours…as long as his DJ sets are played. DJ Andi is passion!!! 
He is unique through his sets and his productions which combine positive vibes and sounds that make the auditors go wild. 
DJ Andi is a proof that you can be as well an underground DJ and, in the same time to have success on the main stage of dance music. The easiness with which he acts in both electronic music zones shows a lot of flexibility. 
As a DJ, his extravagant apparitions are first of all in the club, afterwards comes the rest. 
DJ Andi performed at biggest electronic music events like Liberty Parade, Green Tour Party and Brandenburg gate in front of thousands of fans. This suggest a lot of things, one of them being that DJ Andi likes to divert as many people as possible. You can feel his amazing energy in his dynamic mixes which have as a result an incendiary party. 
This is DJ Andi!!! 

In 2006, DJ Andi was ready to launch new projects: Adrian Eftimie – “No Side Effect”, continued the remixes series with DJ Raul – “Am atins un nor” (two versions, one of them being a chill out ), Vali Barbulescu – “O noua zi”, DJ Sava – “Gone Away”, DJ Optick & Activ – “Surrender”, Vali Barbulescu & Giulia – “Zbor”, DJ Sava – “Bless the light”, Dax – “Say Goodbye”. 
In the same year appears the first album of DJ Andi as an artist. The first single was a smash hit “For the first time”, a moody song with an amazing vibe…Then the second single, “Till the morning light”. 

In 2008, the Romanian dance productions luggage becomes a little bit heavier. “Fire” is launched followed by the season’s newest track “Colours of the Rainbow”. What makes his productions different from the other is that they contain rhythm and feeling. 
Year 2009 was set on fast-forward. DJ Andi flirted with the remixes aria contributing at a true “BOOM” of electronic music. Boomfunk MC’s Freestyler couldn’t be putted away on the memories box. So, DJ Andi picked it up from his fly case and made a remix inspired by the current electronic sounds, with astonishing breaks, but with respect for the original version! 
Then it followed “Falling High” remix, a track signed by Keo. For this song an underground video was filmed, different from the standard ones. 
“Call my name”, launched by Jay Kay and Catherine Cassidy was a new challenge. DJ Andi made a progressive remix, which was included by Penelope Records on the official remixes pack published on Beatport. 
DJ Andi is one of the artists who considers that electronic music is beautiful because it gives you the chance to experiment in various arias. Experiments of this kind are made in his “lab”, the recording studio, where the artist spends most of his time. 
He worked together with Voxis for “To the Moon”, and Penelope Records saw the potential of this track and took care of its official launch. It’s clearly that the camera loves them: a nice story, a movie image, rare nowdays, and a group of enthusiastic artists. 

The most popular electronic music digital platform, Beatport, publishes “To the moon” (DJ Andi vs Voxis) together with a complete set of remixes. The track climbed all the official charts, at radio and also in the mainstream, placing itself on the first place for more weeks. 
Here comes the 2009 summer, a period in which people search for a song full of energy and good mood. So, appears the new single DJ Andi feat. Stella – Freedom. The official launch took place in June, through a LIVE Act on the Romanian Music Awards stage. A powerful track which will remind us of the beautiful times from holidays and which can be listened wherever we are. Freedom is a proof of style, a song that simply breaths VIBE! You should reset your watches because it will be the hit of 2009 and of the next year also. 
The things evolved in a spectacular way in what concerns Andi as a DJ. A special show in his agenda was the warm-up for the one who won the trophy “Best Global DJ” – TIESTO!!! This big open dance event – “Moldova Teritory of Love” took place in April 2009, in the Opera Park Chisinau, having as headlines DJ Andi & Rythmix (LIVE PERFORMANCE) and the main guest DJ Tiesto. It was an event that promoted the qualitative electronic performances. 
All these professional achievements had their climax in June 2009, when DJ Andi became the official image of Pioneer HDJ-2000 in Romania. HDJ-2000 represents the premium class of professional DJ headsets. The world means music for the DJ Andi, while for Pioneer music means sound perfection. This was the reason for this unique partnership Between Pioneer and DJ Andi. HDJ-200 is the perfect partner for DJ Andi, and in a team each partner is essential! 
For DJ Andi, electronic music is a way of living and, this state of mind will be continued…


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