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Here you can find reasons for you to become a member of ADJPR:

- ADJPR helps you to become legal and gives you the possibility to obtain the License through UPFR's fee payment as a natural person;
- Payment of the UPFR's fee in two equal installments;
- ADJPR Members are recognized by UPFR inspectors through the Membership Card;
- Legal Advice;
- Representing the interests of each member in the negotiations with UPFR, UCMR-ADA,ADPFR;
- Access to the approved School of DJ classes;
- Facilitating access to studios / famous composers;
- Free access for ADJPR members to symposiums and workshops of  presenting the latest professional equipment for DJs;
- Possibility of editing music compilations;
- Free access to the latest musical creations offered by Houses of records;
- Access to music through the “file sharing" system used by the practitioner members.